Chickasaw Nation Medical Center
1921 Stonecipher Blvd.
Ada, OK 74820
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Lunch Will Be Provided
13 out of 14 attended. Seven were given supplies, six need them to be mailed. No Merck rep showed so I talked about The JFC program and their website and materials. Chris from HI was present to observe. The Chickasaw Nation MC administers care to Native Americans only. It was built 9 years ago and is a very impressive facility, with specialty clinics and a general medicine clinic for peds and adults and seniors. The DM center is staffed by Nurse Practitioners, RN’s, RD’s, Pharmacists, LPN’s and Program Manager. They are an AADE accredited program. They see ONLY patients whose A1C’s are over 9% and get referrals from all over the country. They put all their patients through a 2.5 hour class (one only) that is taught by multi-disciplines using PPT. They feel their patients are challenged in class to keep their focus on the presentations and need more engagement during the time they are in class, which is why they wanted to be trained with the maps. They already have staff using one or two of the maps at an adult Diabetes camp they run every summer. They teach GDM sometimes in groups, I strongly encouraged them to try the GDM map. I also talked up the need for expanded and repeated education if resources will allow. They were not super engaged in the training especially when asked about their opinions about the maps. I was not sure they were commited to using the maps. I encouraged them to see if they could turn over much of the 2.5 hours to using the maps to keep their participants fully engaged. They expressed concern about not covering essential elements and patient personalities getting in the way of patient participation. I included in the training a section on handling personalities. I would suggest HI contact the Merck rep and suggest she f/u soon about their feedback and reinforce what I have mentioned above. Merle Shapera

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