Apr 16, 2019
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Sentara Medical Group
835 Glenrock Rd.
Norfolk, VA 23502

Please send 2 Maps/binders owed directly to Brittany (site contact) to distribute. Also in attendance but we’re trained previously are: Heather Cook Amy Humphreys Yolanda Golarza Bonnie Sacra Candice Williams Sharia Moses Tina Zachary Did not have them complete onsite reg form since just sitting in for review and do not need Maps. Good program. Aware of Map4 Health but Did not want the Map4Heath promotional materials distributed as is not in their budget for this year. Did provide for Astrid since she was outside of Sentara and was interested. Also met PCP from Kaiser Permanente practice in DC area in airport that seemed interested in the program and plans to follow up with her administrators to see if they might entertain training to use them.
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