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Davis, Jeannene Certified Diabetes Educator
I cannot wait to utilize this program
I cannot wait to utilize this program in Tomball/Magnolia/Plantersville/The Woodlands and the other surrounding areas I provide nutrition services to. This is an outstanding tool and we are all fortunate to have the opportunity to utilize it.
Texas April 29th, 2014 Diabetes
Nelson, Debra RN, CDE

We've started calling the sessions, "Map Meet Ups". The new title has been well received by our urban patient population.
Maryland February 20th, 2014 Diabetes
Earney, Rayleen Certified Health Education Specialist

From 2010-2012, we used the US Diabetes Conversational Maps to reach persons with or at risk for developing diabetes in low SES locations (YMCA, Library, churches, a free clinic, and community centers). We provided a 2 hour session each week (once a week) and included community resources. The majority of class participants (90%) were willing and able to start making changes in their daily lives to better manage their diabetes/health. We reached 204 participants during the pilot project reaching a majority of Spanish speaking participants (81%). We also included structured physical activity during one of the weekly sessions. We reached people that may not have otherwise had access nor funds for a diabetes self management class in our community. Our classes were funded in part by the CDC provided by the Diabetes Prevention & Control Program/Nevada State Health Division. Please view the following video that includes 4 participants sharing their experiences, developed by the Southern Nevada Health District's Public Information Office:
Nevada June 14th, 2013 Diabetes
Atkins, Ellen nurse navigator
Reaching African Americans in church communities.

I use my tool to reach members of the African American church communites. In the 3 years since my training I have identified over 50 diabetics who didn't know they were diabetic.The tool is easy to use and people understand it much better than a lecture.

Michigan July 16th, 2012 Diabetes
Urquiaga, Luis Promotori,Health Educator Asst,Facilitator

Just completed another set . This is a great tool especially in the Latino populations.The creators of this program really spent time catering to the myths and beliefs of Hispanics /Latinos and with all my classes it;s always been a very positive experience. No other program is as complete with the participants retaining the most . Thank You here's a short video of some of my classes enjoy
Nevada March 13th, 2012 Diabetes
Badhri, Pramila Pharmacist
The participants are very happy with the Map and the conversations around it.
I am a Pharmacist with Walgreens , I started the Map conversation sessions 4 months ago. I hold monthly sessions at the Local Library and at a Senior living facility. The participants are very happy with the Map and the conversations around it. They tell me that they do not feel alone anymore and are able to take care of themselves better. They come to sessions now with written questions about diet, exercise, glucometer and their treatments. I am grateful I have been given this opportunity to help diabetic patients in my community.
Missouri December 17th, 2011 Diabetes
pinotti, eva rd cde
I introduced the Diabetes Conversation Map to over 100 people w/ diabetes.
Howdy! I had the great pleasure of attending Taking Control of Your Diabetes Day in Santa Rosa CA on Saturday 2/12/11. I introduced the Diabetes Conversation Map to over 100 people w/ diabetes and a few people that care for them. There where even a few students with their teacher from Health Ed class!!!! I met a BEAUTIFUL Golden Retriever service dog that sniffs out Low blood glucose for his type one DM owner. That was so cool. I happen to love dogs so we really bonded. The Type one DMs that i met seemed angry that the "map" was geared towards type two DM. One gentleman just walked off angry. That was one low point, but overall, great time.
California February 14th, 2011 Diabetes
Ikeme, Anayo Nurse Educator, Ed.D., RN, CDE,
The Conversation Map is a uniquely powerful tool
The Conversation Map is a uniquely powerful tool for diabetes self-management education. The Map excites enthusiasm and engenders high level of empowerment communication among clients with diabetes. It is one of the tools of self care engagement that truly actively engages most patients in self-care issues and challenges without inhibitions. Even very shy clients open up to uninhibited communication at the table of Conversation Map and engage in exciting and lively conversation with other clients. Conversation Map is unequivocally a useful tool for improving client's self-efficacy in self managing their diabetes.
New York November 22nd, 2010 Diabetes
RN, CDE, Becky Paxton Chronic Disease Program Manager
Encourages interaction
The Conversation Maps encourage interaction between those living with diabetes every day, and result in learning how others cope and most of all they are not alone.
Iowa September 22nd, 2010 Diabetes
Pasztor, John DSMT Coordinator
We learn
We laugh; we share; we cry; we learn!
North Carolina September 16th, 2010 Diabetes